Tools and Workflows

The Tools and Workflow WG aims at providing assistance to research bubs and individuals in order to utilize computational tools for analysis aligned with DSI-Africa, with an emphasis on cloud based platforms including Terra, Gen3 and Dockstore. It currently includes two projects, namely the Data Science Toolsuite Project (with a focus on interactive analysis, notebooks and Machine Learning/AI) and the Workflow Project, providing support for analytical pipelines that utilize Dockstore as a workflow repository, with a focus on efficient batch analysis on Terra and other computational platforms. The INFORM-Africa research hub has started buidling a workspace on Terra to showcase the notebooks used to analyse covid-19 datasets. As for workflows, we are gradually going to move the H3ABioNet data analysis workflows (developed in Nextflow ) to Dockstore. The Tools and Workflows Workgroup is Chaired by Ben Vizzier of the University of California, Santa Cruz, and co-chaired by Shakuntala Biachoo of the University of Mauritius.