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Introduction to An “app” store for bioinformatics workflows

Overview is a repository of reusable bioinformatics analyses shared by the research community. Tools and workflows registered in Dockstore are written using languages that combine containers to reproduce the exact compute environment with a precise description of each step of a computational analysis. Dockstore currently supports several workflow languages, including the Workflow Description Language (WDL), which can be launched from Dockstore into the eLwazi Open Data Science Platform powered by Terra. In this webinar, we will introduce container-based workflows and demonstrate how to find and reuse a WDL workflow shared in Dockstore.

Type of training

Virtual Webinar

Course date
  1. 28 June - 28 June 2022
Intended Audience

Members of DS-I Africa projects that are interested in learning how to find, develop, and share reusable computational tools and workflows.

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