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eLwazi ODSP Data Jamboree


The Jamboree will serve as an opportunity for direct engagement between the eLwazi ODSP and the DS-I Africa research hubs to develop outputs of common interest and utility across the consortium. A key component of the event will be for the eLwazi team and DMAC groups to learn from each other’s data harmonisation experiences and develop a workflow of utility for all research hubs and the larger harmonisation community.

eLwazi ODSP will facilitate DMAC groups with the assessment and application of FAIR principles, review data sharing structures and mapping of data use conditions. This will allow eLwazi to gain valuable insight from the DMAC groups on the development of the eLwazi/DS-I Africa data catalogue.

The jamboree attendees will be expected to bring their DMAC codebook(s), data use / sharing agreement(s) and/or consent form(s). The attendees must also watch the FAIR webinar which can be accessed at this link:

Keywords: FAIR; Data harmonisation; Data Sharing & Governance; eLwazi Catalogue

Training application

Nomination by DS-I Africa Project Principal Investigators and DMAC leads

Skill level of training




Type of training



Cape Town, South Africa

Course date
  1. 28 August - 1 September 2023

Tshinakaho Malesa, Lyndon Zass, Sumir Panji, Nicola Mulder


eLwazi ODSP, DS-I Africa

Intended Audience

DMAC members from DS-I Africa hubs; eLwazi ODSP members in relevant working groups.

Selection criteria / process

Nomination by DS-I Africa Project Principal Investigators of DMAC members and eLwazi ODSP members. Nominees must have knowledge of their research hub’s data and data handling processes.


Nominees must have experience in the one of the following:

  • Data harmonisation
  • FAIR assessment and application
  • Data sharing and governance
  • Python programming (workflow development)

Learning outcomes

The data jamboree aims to achieve the following:

  • DS-I Research Projects FAIR Assessments
  • DS-I Research Projects DUO mapping
  • Data harmonisation workflow
  • Catalogue implementation plan


This data jamboree will provide a foundation for DMAC groups to review and adapt their management and analysis plans based on current best practices. The jamboree will focus on the development of a flexible data harmonisation workflow but will not cover the implementation thereof.

N.B. This will not be a training workshop – participants will be expected to actively contribute and collaborate throughout the data jamboree.