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Research Data Management (RDM) for Data Scientists in Africa 2024


This course aims to equip data scientists in Africa with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage research data. Research data management involves the successful execution of data-driven research projects, ensuring data quality, security, and compliance with ethical standards. Participants will learn best practices for collecting, storing, processing, and sharing research data, with a focus on the unique challenges and opportunities in the African context.

By the end of the course, participants will be well-equipped to manage research data, contribute to data-driven research projects, and comply with data protection regulations in Africa.

The course is available to any participant who is able to attend the Zoom sessions and the interactive hours with the course instructors for the days of the course.

Course Learning Objectives:
- Understand the fundamentals of research data management and its importance;
- Develop practical skills in collecting, storing, and managing research data;
- Ensure compliance with legal and ethical data handling standards;
- Promote collaboration and data sharing within the African research community;
- Prepare data scientists for emerging trends in data management.

Type of training

Virtual Webinar


Online through Zoom.

Course date
  1. 24 June - 19 July 2024
Application closing date

Friday 31st of May 2024 - 23:59:59 CAT


Faisal Fadlelmola, Katherine Johnston, Verena Ras, Melek Chaouch, Lyndon Zass, Ziyaad Parker, Ayton Meintjes, Suresh Maslamoney, Gerrit Botha, Sumir Panji and Nicola Mulder.

Intended Audience

The course is aimed at the graduate students and scientists who are currently working on data science projects in Africa.


This course requires active participation. Therefore, only participants with an internet connection and laptop, who will need to manage research data, and be available to attend the course modules online, engage in interactive sessions with trainers, and complete the assignments will be selected. The course is also open to all postgraduate students of the DS-I Africa Research and Education Training Program.

Learning outcomes

After this RDM short course participants should be able to:

  1. Understand what research data management is;
  2. Recognize why research data management is necessary in data science;
  3. Understand best practices and aspects for research data management in data science; and
  4. Have a knowledge of the RDM tools available at your institution and online.


To apply, please Click HERE